It is important to understand that Sonja Courtis is not a trained medical professional and that some of the techniques adopted by Sonja Courtis ‘Emotional Wellbeing Specialist’ during a consultation may initially engage the client in some of the emotions and symptoms of the issues that they are wanting to address.  It is therefore vitally important that I continue to tap (or do whatever I am instructed to do) until I am fully calm and clear of the emotions and symptoms presenting them at the time of the session.

If a client is upset Sonja Courtis may ask to tap on them on their behalf (or use other appropriate hands on intervention) to allow the client to focus their attention on the process and to calm the emotions and symptoms.

The therapies offered by Sonja Courtis are NOT a replacement for professional medical advice and so if you have a condition either mental or physical that requires the client will seek treatment from a medical doctor or the appropriate medical professionals.

Clients must not cease treatment or medication prescribed to them by their doctor or health care worker without prior consultation with that professional.

If appropriate clients are advised to inform their doctor or health care worker of the treatment they are receiving from Sonja Courtis. A client also agrees to take full responsibility for their own wellbeing (outside of the session times) throughout their time working with Sonja Courtis, so as to allow for an increased opportunity for emotional wellbeing improvements.

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