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Relief from stress and anxiety

If you’re struggling with ongoing chronic stress, anxious feelings, panic attacks, overwhelm and/or constant negative thinking then these services are just for you. Click on the link to find out more.

Find out ‘WHY’ you are unwell:

Do you have a medical diagnosis of an illness or disease and ever thought, “Why has this happened to me?” “Why am I sick?’ “What has caused this?”

Know that the body NEVER MAKES MISTAKES. The science of  ‘Meta Health’ and ‘Biocompass’ are tools that understand the link between the Mind/Emotions and the Body/Organ/Tissues and how the former affect the latter. Click below to find out how this process could assist you.

Workshops and Presentations

Ever wanted to know what really works in reducings stress and it’s triggers?

Having over 20 years in education and workshop facilitation, I am available for corporate health events; including stress reduction techniques, mental and emotional wellbeing tools as well as dealing with stress both in the workplace and beyond.

If you interested to know more feel free to contact me on: +642102336356

Did I also mention I am a published author in four books and currently writing my own book on integrated health care and wellbeing?

Gift Vouchers available.

Sometimes people need a nudge in the right direction to get on track to improving their emotional wellbeing. So how about a gift voucher for a loved one?! I once got given one from a healer who become so instrumental in my overall life improvement, it was one of the most special gifts I ever received.

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