Corporate Wellbeing Presentations & Trainings

Chronic stress and anxiety have become such a prevalent topic of daily conversation. Everyone knows someone who has chronic stress and/or anxiety. So what is the cost of this to businesses?

  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of morale
  • Lack of focus and low productivity
  • Increased Sick leave
  • Higher staff turnover
  • Poor staff relations
  • Poor coping mechanisms and loss of resilience

A ‘prevention is better then cure’ approach to corporate wellness ensures a healthier, happier and more productive staff, leading to increases in the bottom line and improvement in overall staff moral and staff retention.

The need to address this has become prevalent and in countries such as the USA, UK and Australia, a lot of money is invested by businesses to support staff to improve their overall wellbeing.

I offer training and support via workshops/trainings or a 1:1 format to teach the latest scientific breakthroughs in stress reduction and management. Having presented in numerous industries including; public and private health sector, corporate and education, I have over 12 years experience in wellbeing education and improvement and am one of New Zealands leading experts in stress and anxiety management.

If you wish to now more, contact me on my phone 02102 336 356

Women’s wellbeing workshop – Dealing with Stress and Anxiety. 

Christchurch, 27th July 2:00 – 5:30pm $55

This highly successful workshop is returning at the end of the month. Click on the link for more information and tickets. 

    Relieve Stress and Anxiety, online workshop 22nd July 8pm $25

    This highly successful online workshop is specifically designed to bring about a significant relief from stress and overwhelm. All attendees receive a copy of the workshop to keep and replay. Click on the link for more information and tickets. 

      Men’s wellbeing workshop – Dealing with Stress

      Christchurch, 18th August 11:30 – 2:30pm –  $55

      This workshop has been specifically designed after surveying men and determining their stresses and what areas of life they wanted to improve. This workshop is catered specifically to teach the latest scientific tools for stress reduction and improve peak performance. 

        OVERCOMING FOOD CRAVINGS – recorded webinar $15

        Do you get stressed about food and wanting to stop eating foods that you know you shouldn’t? What about the mid week drinking? Know it’s not good for you but no amount of willpower seems to help?

        Well instead of relying on willpower, it is important to clear out the subconscious triggers that lead to the eating in the first place! This event was held onlin and was a huge success. The recording is available for purchase and use, the results are not affected by not having attended the workshop live. 

        OVERCOMING PROCRASTINATION – recorded webinar $15

        Do you procrastinate and put stuff off, to the point that you then get stressed and beat yourself up for having done so? Do you have a mountain of things you want to achieve and feel so overwhelmed you don’t start with any?

        Procrastination is so common and it robs us of achieving what we deserve and desire. This webinar explains why we procrastinate and helps you to identify the underlying causes for yourself. It then goes about removing the blocks to achieving and helps you to get started. People who attended this workshop were astounded at how effective it was.