Why am i sick?

Why am I sick?

Causes of illness and disease analysis, Biocompass® - $247

Want to know why you body is sick? This is a full indepth Mind and Body disease and illness analysis to find the root cause of your physical symptoms. Biocompass® seeks to find the specific root causes and triggers for your illness, disease, physical or emotional condition.

The Biocompass® process is insightful and empowering, as it helps you to see that your body is not making mistakes and that there is a link between what you have experienced in life on an emotional level and what is happening in your body now.

A Biocompass® Full Mind Body Analysis includes:

  • The complete timeline of symptoms for one specific condition/illness
  • The specific themes that relate to the illness or disease you are presenting
  • Uncovering the exact events, emotions, themes and beliefs that have triggered a disease response in your body.
  • A written report of the outcomes and timeline can be provided for an extra $50

A Biocompass® session is predominantly an analysis process, however, the insights it provides allows you to see the direct correlation between your life themes and events and your physical health. This is itself can start a healing process once you understand there is no randomness to what is happening for you physically

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