STRESS RELIEF session – $97

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and stressed and need a pick me up? This is a shorter session to go through some stress relief using ‘Tapping’, which I call “First Aid for the Emotions”. This is for anyone who just needs a reprieve from some stress and is not needing more indepth support and healing. An ideal session if you just need a pick me up.

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OVERCOMING the causes for ANXIETY AND STRESS. (Package – $997)

What is the current overall cost of your ongoing anxiety or chronic stress? What would it mean to no longer have this problem?

Think of the analogy of hiring a PT to help you lose weight, can that be done in a couple of sessions? No. As with weightloss, healing takes commitment and an understanding of what has caused the issue. There a package is “the PT for your emotions” it is your committment to yourself to overcome what is affecting you in life. This for you if you want to really start to feel significant reduction in anxiety and learn tools for ongoing changes. What is included:

  • Identifying causes
  • Changing the limiting beliefs that are holding you back replacing them with new empowering ones
  • Tools and strategies to use for yourself for ongoing life transformation
  • You will learn ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’ for self empowerment
  • Goal and intention setting
  • Communication strategies to improve relationships
  • Emotional wellbeing toolkit
  • Own journal for personal growth and empowerment work
  • 7 sessions (please note sessions must be taken within 6 months & no refunds are given for missed sessions).
  • Please Note: Payment plans are available for this,please contact me directly to discuss. 

“Change your beliefs Change your Life.”

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This is for the person who wants personal transformation at a deep level. You get the offerings of the ‘Overcoming Stress and Anxiety’ package as well as access to my knowledge and full email and phone support.  This includes:

  • Deep personal transformation
  • Quantum healing experience
  • Strategies for dealing with unexpected stress
  • Removal of anxiety and stress triggers
  • Old beliefs identified, removed and changed for positive ones
  • Improved relationships (with self and others)
  • Manifest what you want in life (love, career, health, financial)
  • Free access to any live or online workshops I run
  • Own journal for personal growth and empowerment work
  • 14 sessions (please note sessions must be taken within 8 months no refunds are given for missed sessions).

With this package I share with you (in a personalised and relevant process for you) 25 years of my tools and strategies for deep life change.

Payment Plans are available with this package please book a discovery call via the link below.

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