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Lift your Vibe online workshop

How to lift your energy and find flow – $19

This online interactive workshop was recorded to take people through the powerful processes of overcoming low vibe and fear and lifting you into joy and love. When you change your vibration you literally change your life. We attract what we are, so when we have good energy we attract more opportunities and positive events into our life. This workshop will teach you three powerful tools for doing just that! 

Pre-recorded workshop

Overcoming Procrastination – $19

Do you procrastinate, to the point that you become overwhelmed with how much you need to do yet never even start half the time? This 90 min recording of a live online workshop is designed to help you understand why you procrastinate and what’s really going on. It then takes you through a process that is phenomenal at breaking through the blocks to geting S^!T done! 

Pre-recorded workshop

Dealing with Money stress and worries – $19

Money, that thing that you want more of, but yet causes so much fear, worry and frustration. Would you like to feel better about it and have more of it? Well you can!

In this recording of an online workshop, I take you through what’s really causing you to repel money, then teach you the most powerful process for overcoming your money fears and worries so you can learn to love it and attract more. Now who doesn’t want that?!

Pre-recorded workshop

Beat Food Cravings – $19

Do you find yourself mindlessly eating, or trying to lose weight but sabotaging your goals by indulging in those foods you love so much yet are not conducive to getting results? Have you tried to use willpower, but found yourself getting so far then ‘falling off the wagon?’ so to speak. In this live recorded 90 minute workshop, you will learn that there is so much more to this habit than the food itself. You will then be taken through a powerful process for significantly reducing those pesky food cravings and getting you closer to your weight goals without stress or angst. 

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