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1:1 Wellbeing sessions

If you’re struggling with ongoing chronic stress, anxious feelings, panic attacks, overwhelm and/or constant negative thinking. OR you are struggling with ongoing chronic physical symptoms, illness or dise-ease head over to this page to find a service that can hep you. 

Online courses and programs

Aside from 1:1 services, I also offer online coaching, workshops and wellness programs. This link takes you to various digital products including “do at home” online workshops to support with overcoming money stress, procrastination, food cravings. Head to my online shop to purchase.

Workshops and Presentations

I am a trained professional presenter and speaker. Running private and corporate workshops on all things stress reduction, emotional wellbeing, tools and strategies for overcoming the triggers for stress and overwhelm. 

Having over 20 years in education and workshop facilitation, I am available for corporate health events; including stress reduction techniques, mental and emotional wellbeing tools as well as dealing with stress both in the workplace and beyond.

If you interested to know more feel free to contact me on: +642102336356

Did I also mention I am a published author in four books and currently writing my own book on integrated health care and wellbeing?

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