Praise and feedback for Sonja Courtis

Sonja is amazing! Her passion and knowledge is phenomenal. Without getting into too much detail she has helped me with a variety of issues and given me tools to continue the good work myself. I’d highly recommend.

Kim Hedges

I only have positive things to say about this method of personal healing. Those closest to me have been the ones to really notice the Change in my attitude and approach to the life I am living and that is the real testimony matrix reimprinting! Personally, I have felt real inner peace within myself and haven’t felt happier in years!


Sonja is amazing. She is full of so much knowledge, insights and warmth to help you clear your issues for a happier healthier life. I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

Jodie Ross

Biocompass Coach, Shift Body and Mind Health Consulting

I went to see Sonja for eczema on my hands and I have noticed a substantial improvement, just by having a conversation with her and identifying the themes around when my hands would flare up in the past. I’ve lived with eczema all my life but it has been so wonderful to look at it from a holistic point of view ( I often thought it was just food related) but it has been amazing to see how it has popped up at certain stressful times in my life. I would so recommend Sonja – she has a wealth of knowledge in regards to health and healing and I love that my hands look and feel so much better after just one session! Thank you so much Sonja! You are amazing!

Rebecca Davison

Intuitive Coach, Find Your Bliss Intuitive Coaching

I had a (Biocompass®) session with Sonja… spot on and very interesting how it all aligns and your body does have all the answers. It has given me a few things to think about and change. Thank you, you are very inspiring.

Nerida Hedges

Reiki Practitioner, Place of Haven

I have worked with energy healers in the past but always seemed to slip back to the same beliefs. I thought I had dealt with past relationships and put them behind me but it was so obvious after 1 session with Sonja that I had so much emotion attached to a particularly toxic break up 10 years ago that I really hadn’t healed the past. Matrix imprinting was such an effective tool for this and I feel that now I can leave it in my past. Sonja is particularly insightful and compassionate. Most of all she is truly genuine and generous with her support, time and knowledge. Any time I’ve needed gentle encouragement or advice she’s always been there.
Thanks Sonja – I am so grateful

Allison Priolo

Yoga/Pilates/Fitness Instructor & Nutritional sciences, Aspire Fitness and Nutrtional Health

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What I love about Sonja is her passion for what she does!

She has spent years learning about different ways to help people improve themselves and overcome hurdles, and is now helping people achieve better health (both physically and mentally). And some of these successes are no mean feat!

Sonja wants everybody to have the tools for a better, healthier, calmer life and she is willing to share her knowledge on how to achieve this. 
It’s about the greater good, rather than the bottom line.

Sonja has the ability to help you achieve the life you deserve.

Emma B

I worked with Sonia via Skype and found my mind-set changed with a single session and continued to improve throughout my course of therapy. Traditional approaches of sitting around talking about my problems just wasn’t me. I needed to find a way to make me feel and think positively so everything else could fall into place around me. Approach therapy with Sonia with an open mind and an open heart and you will feel yourself changing from the inside out. Still grateful 12 months on

Colette Parkinson

Sonja did wonders for me and I’m sure she could help anyone with an open mind. I have a lot more patience then I did beforehand


My name is Amanda, I initially went to see Sonja in regards reoccurring hip pain. Tapping through my frustration, fear of failure and need to control made a big difference in my pain relief but I also haven’t had a reoccurrence since.

I would definitely recommend Sonja if you are looking for change in any part of your life and are open to finding out more about what makes you tick!

Amanda Shallard


I had sessions with Sonja to assist me to create a positive mindset about myself and open myself up to love. I was attracting the wrong type of partner as I had no belief that real love would come my way. Our sessions together were insightful, sometimes emotional, never uncomfortable and definitely the outcome was successful. Within 6 months I’d met my current partner. I am indebted to Sonja as without her help I am sure I’d never have met my wonderful man. Thanks Sonja! Please do yourself a favour. See Sonja. She does help you change your life!

Wendy Elphinstone

Teacher & Les Mills trainer, Les Mills

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