Bringing you relief from chronic stress, anxiety and grief

STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF ongoing 1:1 session. $147

Once you have experienced a starter session, this session follows on from and builds on the work we have begun. Be prepared for 6 – 10 of these sessions to get really noticeable results.

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This a shorter session designed to help you get some relief and reprieve from feelings of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Consider it a bit of a ‘pick-me-up’ session it is not designed to go as deep as the Starter and Follow up stress sessions mentioned above. Yet it still can bring about a noticeable shift and release.

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GRIEF HEALING AND RELIEF – January introduction offer $97

Have you ever had to deal with the death/s of loved ones or friends? Whilst grief is a completely normal part of the process of losing a loved one, there comes a time where, if we are struggling to move on and let go, that it is worth exploring why that is. No-ones parting from our lives should leave us feeling miserable for the rest of ours. No matter the circumstances, that is not what they want for us. (Believe me I know this having been through significant grief healing myself). These sessions are super empowering, healing and, rather than separate you from the memories and feelings of your loved ones, will actually bring you closer to them (even in death) and provide insights that bring incredible peace and resolution for their passing.

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WHY AM I UNWELL? Underlying physical illness and disease causes analysis – $247

Have you been diagnosed with an illness or had an ongoing physical symptom, illness or dis-ease and want to know why this is? This session is based on the science of ‘Meta Health’ which understands that all dis-ease of the body and their physical symptoms stem from underlying stresses that are related to your emotional wellbeing. this process gives you a clear succinct picture of exactly what has lead to the physical illness you are experiencing. No more guess work, no more wondering where this all started. This is empowers you to take control or your health and increases your possiblity to get well.

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Why do we get sick? Find out by reading my chapter contribution from the'Your Well-being' book.


Grab my chapter from the book 'Your Well-being' to find out the underlying reason we get illnesses and disease. This is Information not even your doctor knows, but it can help you improve your overall wellbeing.

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