Bringing you relief from:

  • Chronic stress and overwhelm
  • Anxiousness, anxiety and worry
  • Panic attacks
  • Significant Emotional Life events (Trauma)
  • Grief, unresolved sadness & loss
  • Birth Trauma – Post natal depression/anxiety
  • Lack of self worth and self belief
  • Negative mindset
  • Relationship issues



This is for returning clients requiring maintenance and follow up sessions.



This 3 session package uses the process of ‘Matrix Birth Reimprinting’ to support women who wish to work on overcoming trauma or strong emotions in relation to getting pregnant, IVF, miscarriages, pregnancy or trauma when giving birth. These sessions can also be used to focus on supporting children and babies who may have also have been affected by a less than calm birthing experience.


Just like with a weightloss journey, emotional wellbeing and positive life changes require support and ongoing commitment. In fact, even if you want to lose weight, getting the mindset and emotions sorted are paramount for the rest to fall into place. Therefore, after having completed your ‘New Client session’ I will advise best plan moving forward. 

I offer a 3 session package $447 for low level support for isolated events and issues (this will be discussed in the new client session) otherwise longer support and more sessions are needed. So i work in 3, 6 and 12 month packages. With these you get 20+ years of my intellectual property and experience. I am a holistic practitioner and provide resources and information to support you on your healing journey. Look forward to helping you soon!



Do you have a physical dis-ease or illness with an official diagnosis and wondering how this came about? Have you ever considered the important role that your mental and emotional wellbeing has in determining your overall state of physical health?

It is irrefutably known that stress affects the body, but now there is an analysis tool known as ‘META health’ that can get very specific as to exactly what TYPES of stress (known as themes) have caused your specific physical symptoms. This MInd Body link is known as the mind, body, organ, brain, tissue connection.

The process of Biocompass helps you get a better understanding of the connection between your mind and emotions, thoughts and beliefs and your the state of your physical health.  This in-depth analysis will assist you in getting clarity and answering the ‘why am I sick’ question. When you know WHY you are feeling unwell you can make empowering decisions to improve your wellbeing. That in itself can bring about so much improvement in your state of wellbeing and assist you to overcome what you are struggling with.