Bringing you relief from:

  • Chronic stress and overwhelm
  • Anxiousness and worry
  • Panic attacks
  • Phobias
  • Significant Emotional Life events (Trauma)
  • Grief, unresolved sadness & loss
  • Birth Trauma – Post natal depression/anxiety
  • Lack of self worth and self belief
  • Negative mindset
  • Relationship issues (improved communication)

YOUNG PERSONS session – $97


This is for children aged 7 – 21 years of age.


Packages = results. I can only help people if they commit to the wellbeing journey.  A Personal trainer cannot get results in one session, neither can I. Think of me as the ‘PT for your emotions’ but this requires some consistency. 


The package best suited for you will be discussed in you ‘New Client’ session

FOLLOW UP 1:1 Session – $155

This is for clients who have already embarked on a healing journey and need some follow up sessions. 


Do you have a physical dis-ease or illness with an official diagnosis and wondering how this came about? Have you ever considered the important role that your mental and emotional wellbeing has in determining your overall state of physical health?

It is irrefutably known that stress affects the body, but now there is an analysis tool known as ‘META health’ that can get very specific as to exactly what TYPES of stress (known as themes) have caused your specific physical symptoms. This MInd Body link is known as the mind, body, organ, brain, tissue connection.

The process of Biocompass helps you get a better understanding of the connection between your mind and emotions, thoughts and beliefs and your the state of your physical health.  This in-depth analysis will assist you in getting clarity and answering the ‘why am I sick’ question. When you know WHY you are feeling unwell you can make empowering decisions to improve your wellbeing. That in itself can bring about so much improvement in your state of wellbeing and assist you to overcome what you are struggling with.

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