Mind body wellbeing specialist

  • Illness and Disease Root Cause Analysis
  • Mindset Transformation
  • Relieving chronic stress
  • Letting go of limiting thoughts, beliefs and negativity
  • Reducing the feelings of anxiety
  • Overcoming fear and self sabotage
  • Improving self worth, creating success
  • Creating Empowering relationships
  • Overcoming the cause of panic attacks
  • Resolving the impact of Significant Emotional Life events (Trauma)
  • Resolving grief, sadness & loss
  • Working through Birth Trauma – Post natal depression/anxiety
  • Overall improvement of self worth and self belief


Illness & Dis-ease Root Cause Analysis –  $349

Are you struggling with dis-ease or illness with an official diagnosis and wondering how this came about? Are you struggling with autoimmune illnesses such as MS, ME, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, alopecia? Or perhaps you have ongoing Headaches, Migraines. Have you been trying traditional approaches yet nothing you’re doing seems to be working to relieve the symptoms?

It is scientifically proven that the mind and body are connected and that stress affects the body and contributes to the underlying cause of illness and disease. To the point we can now get very specific as to exactly what stressors (there are 6 potential ones) have caused your specific physical symptoms. The process of identifying these causes is known as Biocompass®‘. 

Biocompass® is a scientific approach to understanding the 6 root causes (stressors) that lead to chronic conditions. This analysis will assist you in gaining clarity and answering the ‘Why am I sick?’ question. Imagine actually knowing WHY you are unwell! It changes how to deal with your illness, and empowers you to engage in a self healing journey. Knowing the cause helps to treat the illness. This is an integrated process that treats the whole person not just the symptoms. 

Dr Bruce Lipton, world Renowned Cell Biologist and Author of “The Biology of Belief” Leader in Epigenetic education.



Have you ever given birth or been born? What was that experience like for you? Was it a calm conscious birth with minimum interventions or did it have a lot of interventions from induction, forceps to C-Section? Birth trauma can lead to Postnatal Anxiety, PND and other issues related to trauma. This can have an ongoing effect on mother and child. There is a solution to this. ‘Matrix Birth Reimprinting.’ It allows you to quite literally rewrite your birth experience. when  you do this you change the emotios and feelings related to this experience. This 3 session package is to support women who wish to work on overcoming trauma or strong emotions in relation to getting pregnant, IVF, miscarriages, pregnancy or birth trauma or behaviour challenges being present in their children that could be related to their birth experience. 


Would you see a personal trainer for one session and expect results? Well mindset transformation is no different – in fact it requires even more focus and commitment. Yet a mindset transformation journey makes a weightloss transformation journey more likely to be successful long term. Just like with a weightloss journey,  positive mindset and empowering life changes require support and ongoing commitment. That is what I offer. I hold your hand throughout the journey so you are fully supported.

To ensure people receive the most positive outcomes I recommend 8 or 12 session packages, as a starter, to dive deeper and work through the various areas that are holding you back.