“Your emotional wellbeing will determine your overall wellbeing”


And that WAS my response back in 2016….

In 2016 this is exactly the predicament our family found ourselves in. My father had been admitted to ICU with severe pnuemonia, with no other option than to hope the antibiotics would take their course, my father was placed in an induced coma. That moment of absolute helplessness occurred when the doctor said “He’s not improving, he should be by now, there’s not much more we can do, few survive past this point…..” as you can imagine, a feeling of pure devastation.

This was a blow to a family that had already experienced tragedy when my brother took his own life, (which as it turns out, is a massive catalyst for the reason I do the work I do now), yet to hear that my dad could die was a huge blow that my mother and I could not bear.

But because I am the continual optimist something in me clicked, 25 years of pursuing alternative, holistic and integrated wellbeing practices after my brother’s death had me saying “I won’t accept this prognosis there must be more we can do.” With the harsh reality that dad was probably going to die, I realised that we had nothing to lose and there was no way I could stand there and feel helpless. Besides, whatever else we implemented wasn’t going to do him any further harm, so I was ready to use all my knowledge and strong beliefs in integrated health approaches to see what we could do for dad’s survival. The result was a miracle.

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Never settle for the final prognosis, and NEVER rely on one form of health intervention to create wellbeing. This picture tells the story that the ending has been a happy one! The details of how we got dad through are far too detailed for here. Needless to say, it was the combination of energy healing, holistic tools and traditional western health care. The details and story are being put into a book. Needless to say, it truly is a miracle (if you believe in those). His survival was the result of what happens when you integrate health care (holistic and conventional). Even the doctors’ cannot believe he survived. No one usually does from double pnuemonia.

I never gave up hope, and neither should you…… Read below to see how I can support you!

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Qualifications and Training:


  • Emotional Freedom Technique Level I, II & III practitioner
  • Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
  • Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner
  • Matrix Reimprinting for specific issues
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Level II First Aid
  • Biocompass Coach (disease and illness causes)
  • Les Mills Group Fitness Instructor
  • Bachelor of Arts Psychology and Classical Studies
  • Diploma of Secondary Teaching

25 years studying Integrated Health, and the connection between the Mind and Body in relation to overall wellbeing means you don’t have to take 25 years to find out what can work for YOU.

My key learnings over the last 25 years, and why I can support your journey to wellbeing

  • We can find the specific causes of your ongoing ANXIETY and STRESS.
  • Overcome underlying causes and trigger than you CAN potentially overcome ANXIETY and STRESS.
  • Ongoing GRIEF is not necessary to keep the memories of a loved one alive
  • No issue from your past is too big to overcome, nor should your past be holding you back in living your best life. 
  • Changing limiting beliefs, changes the state of your wellbeing (this is scientific fact) What you believe and feel you become.

So what would it mean for you to no longer have your emotional and/or physical health issues? What would it mean to wake up every day knowing everything is going to be ok. Because it can be, that I know and see every day with the results my clients experience.

Or how about no longer being chronically stressed and lacking self worth?

Does this sound like something you would want to experience? Well then it’s probably time we had a chat.

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